Monday, November 8, 2010

Back on the EV road

Haven't had an entry in a while.  When last we spoke I was dead in the water because of a broken shifter bushing.  Here's what it looked like when I removed the center console (bits of black plastic under the shifter is what remained of the bushing - the brown ring at the end of the cable coming from the right side of the picture is where it should have been).
I found a replacement bushing on eBay for $17.  It took a few days to arrive, but all of 45 seconds to install.  Here's a picture of the bushing snapped into the cable-end ring.
Here is the cable end with bushing snapped on to the bracket connected to the shifter.
And the view from the other side.
Since replacing the bushing, I've put about 400 miles on the car commuting to and from work.  The shifter feels great.  However, I am still concerned about the vibration coming from the drivetrain, so I am now in the process of taking everything out of the engine compartment so I can get the motor-transmission assembly out for diagnosis.  More on that later.