Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A little bit here...

Spent a little more time on the car last night. Boy, am I ever slow with this stuff. Took me almost 2 hours just to get the gas tank straps, muffler hanger, and exhaust heat shields off the car! Well, ok, before I got down to it I decided to raise the car up higher on the jackstands to give me more room to play, and rearranged some of the parts I've taken off so I don't lose anything. But still... I'd better get it in gear if I want to have this car on the road before next school year!

Last night I also took some measurements to start designing the motor adapter. My friend convinced me that we can build one ourselves so that I can save the $800 or so that the component suppliers charge to make one.

Today I think I'll make some calls to ElectroAuto (and maybe CanEV) and see about placing the big order. If it is true that it'll take up to 8 weeks to deliver, I need to get moving.

I'm waffling a bit on the PCM issue. The more I dig into it (from other EV conversion blogs, emailing other EVers, and reading shop manuals) the more I think it would just be better to leave it in and "hide" any lights that I want to ignore. I can always upgrade later, right?

Tonight I start to tackle the back seat. Gotta gut the interior so I can make the final measurements for the battery box designs. Then there are plenty of other tasks to complete while I'm waiting for the kit components. More later....

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