Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Radiator Battery Box and Passenger Door Window

Between throwing out my back and having a house full of relatives not much has been happening, but I made some small progress this week.

Radiator Battery Box
I previously showed the car modifications needed in order to put two batteries where the radiator used to reside.  Since then I've:
  • Painted the frames
  • Cut pieces of wood which will be the bottom and sides of the box
  • Painted the wood with (blue) epoxy paint
  • Cut pieces of plastic (HDPE, 0.020" thick) to put in between the wood and frame (prevents water which might come in through the grille from soaking into the wood)
  • Attached the wood and plastic (with caulking to seal between plastic and frame) to the frame with self-tapping screws
  • Cut off the excess screw length
Here's a picture of the frame with wood/plastic/caulk, ready to be installed in the car.

Here are a couple of views of the box installed:
Looking into the engine compartment toward the front of the car.
Close-up of the front corner of the box, looking through the space where the headlights will reside.
View from the front of the car.  It's really hard to see, but the sway bar is lower than the bottom of the box, so it shouldn't interfere with the operation of the car (or the belly pan I'd like to install).

Passenger Door
When I bought the car the passenger door window mechanism was broken.  When I took the door apart to investigate I saw that one of the bushings that connects the scissor mechanism to the window sash was missing.  Here is a picture of the sash and scissor mechanism showing where the part is missing.

There are two of these bushings.  Here's a picture of the front bushing.

You can't purchase those bushings individually, unfortunately, only as part of the entire regulator (sash, scissor mechanism, motor), so I'm going to try and machine a new bushing out of delrin.  If that fails, then I'll get a junkyard regulator to replace the entire thing.

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