Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PakTrakr issues fixed

I received the newly-repaired PakTrakr remote from Ken Hall late last week.  Thanks, Ken.  I was able to quickly re-install the remotes to monitor all 13 of my batteries.  In order to avoid the max voltage limitation of each remote, I am now monitoring 5 with the first remote, 5 with the second, and 3 with the third.  As you'll recall from my previous post (1/31/11), during the "high voltage" phase of the charge cycle I was bumping up against this max voltage limitation (86 V, or 2.4 V/cell), causing the remote to misinterpret the voltage of the 6th battery and giving me all kinds of erroneous error messages.  Here's an image of a typical charging cycle:
Notice the voltage for Batt6 and Batt12.  Also, the Pack Voltage is only measured as ~195V, whereas my multimeter showed the expected 218V.

With the new monitoring scheme, I am able to correctly monitor all 13 batteries throughout the entire charging cycle.  Yay!

Now I just have to figure out why the voltage sags so much when the motor controller pulls on them hard.  That'll be another story.

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