Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Improving the plug

I haven't been totally happy with the receptacle in the fuel filler area of the car.  Because the Saturn's body is plastic there wasn't really much to attach the receptacle to.  Just a single mounting hole where the fuel filler pipe was mounted (above and to the right of the receptacle in this picture).  Because it is only held on with a single bolt it is difficult to fully engage the turn-lock connector.  Sometimes I even had to reach behind the fender liner to hold the receptacle to make the connection.  Not good.
From the back you can see the exposed terminals.  I don't really like that, either.  Especially when I have to reach back there to steady it when making the connection.  It might get splashed, too, so corrosion may be a problem down the road.
So, instead of a receptacle I decided to make a pigtail that could be pulled out when I want to plug it in.
Once it's connected I can stuff the connection back inside the car so the fuel filler door can be almost shut.  Hopefully that'll keep the snow out.
I might consider notching the door so it can be closed completely.  I'll have to wait and see how much water and snow gets inside.

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