Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vacuum system repair

Last week, having gotten the batteries warm and the receptacle fixed, I started working the batteries up to be able to start commuting again.  Driving around I noticed that the vacuum pump was running a bit more than normal.  By the time I returned the pump was running continuously.

I had wanted to change the vacuum reservoir anyway, because I had to cut away some of the splashguard where the tie rods came through to make room for the reservoir.  This unfortunately allows water to splash into the engine compartment, and I have been worried about the DMOC and some of my other electrical connections.

$5 at a local junkyard got me a new splashguard.  The original reservoir is a 10" length of 4" ABS pipe.  In it's place I constructed a "U" shaped construction of 2" PVC pipe.  This construction has a smaller volume than the original, but I think it'll do the job and the smaller pipe fits nicely between the tray holding the DMOC and water heater and the firewall.
With the new system, the pump takes about half the time it did for the initial draw down.  It comes on more frequently than before, but for less time.  Every indication is that the system is now relatively leak-free.  Once again I appear to be ready to commute again.  It starts tomorrow.

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