Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Batteries in radiator box

Two of the batteries are in place!  Because of the placement of the front battery box (where the radiator used to reside) it is not possible to load the batteries in from the top.  So the box is designed to be loaded from the bottom.  Here's the 2 batteries loaded on the box bottom.  Have to be careful to keep them balanced on the jack!
Next, I pushed the jack under the car and start pumping.  It was a little tricky aligning everything on the way up (partly because the jack doesn't lift straight up) but it fit eventually.  In order to hold the batteries in place, I put little pieces of 1" square tubing (painted with epoxy and with the ends closed with polyethylene caps) across the top so they get sandwiched between the battery and the top rail of the box.  It's a little tough to see in this picture, but the tubing is set in between the trio of filler caps.

Here's a view of the loaded box from the bottom.  The bottom of the box is actually about an inch above the bottom of the bumper, so I shouldn't have any problems with ground clearance.
Ready to be wired.

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