Thursday, August 12, 2010

Electric Schematics

I thought I'd publish my electrical schematics for posterity.  Then if my hard drive and memory sticks all crash I'll at least have some record of what I did!

In these schematics, the "light blue" numbers (cyan, actually) are my wire numbers.  The purple (pink?) text denotes which opening in the box the wire goes through.  If a wire has no number that means it is an existing (pre-conversion) wire.  On page 5, the wire color denotes the wire gauge.

I also created a schematic of the "High Voltage" wiring (though my electronic hobbyist friend claims nothing less than 1000V can be called High Voltage!).

I reserve the right to update these at any time, and make no claim as to whether they are correct.  (After all, I haven't even connected my 12V accessory battery at this point!)

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